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Posted by : Fadel Kece Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Sementara Pake Bahasa Inggris Dulu ya biar pinter

I will share some tips about GTA San Andreas Multiplayer, Link download GTA SA:MP & Servers GTA SA:MP (Indonesia's Server)

Link: http://www.sa-mp.com/download.php
IndoGamers SA-MP =
IndoGamers SA-MP 0.3c R2 LVTDM-IDGS = samp.indogamers.com:7777
IndoGamers SA-MP 0.3c [LSDM : 90 Percents] = samp.indogamers.com:7777
GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Ind-Pro Server Roleplay =
Nusantara Roleplay Server =
Metro Roleplay Server =

A few tips for beginners:

Walking And Running
To Walk Just Click on the WASD where W = Forward, S = Backward, A = Left, D = Right
Running For Almost Same As Space Walk Again But Pressed Plus - time

Building Entrance And Exit
For Press Building Entrance Keys Chat / T / `, then type / enter
For Press Building Exit Chat button / T / `, then type / exit

Entrance Into Vehicles In Driver / Passenger And Out Of Car And Drive By For Passenger
To Log in to Car As Driver Press F
For Entry Into Passenger Vehicle For Press G
For Out Of Car Just Hit Enter
To Drive By The Passenger Just Press H After Go For Passenger Vehicles

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